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Frequently Asked Questions
If I am concerned about my student's progress, who should I contact?

When families are concerned about their child’s academic or behavioral progress, they should first contact their child’s teacher.  CSD works to assess all students for level of need and to provide appropriate instruction and intervention based on identified needs.  Some students may need additional interventions if initial instruction does not address their needs.  If at any time the school or parent has reason to suspect a disability, a referral for a special evaluation may be initiated.

What types of services might a student receive?

CSD’s special education department offers a wide range of services and supports. All services are outlined in a student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) and developed by their IEP team.

Where can I learn more about parental and student rights for special education?
Where do students receive special education or related services?

To the extent possible, services are provided at the student’s school. As needed, students may be served by specialized programs, either outside or within the district.

Who is eligible to receive special education services?

Special education services are provided to students with disabilities in grades Kindergarten through age 21.  Special education and general education staff work together to offer services for eligible students according to their needs and ensure that services are aligned with federal and state requirements.  Our goal is to provide a multi-tiered system of academic and behavioral supports to students in the least restrictive environment.


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Amy Aguero

Director of Student Services