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Bond Oversight Committee

Bond Oversight Committee


The Board of Directors for Creswell School District requests the Superintendent to establish a “Bond Oversight Committee” comprised of no more than 9 community members and two Creswell High School students. The BOC’s core purpose will be to carefully monitor the delivery of the proposed bond program to ensure accountability, fiscal transparency, and community trust. The Superintendent will serve as the direct liaison to the group.


The Creswell School District BOC is established as an advisory committee to the Superintendent with periodic updates to the community and Board of Directors. All meetings of the committee will be open to the public. Agendas for meetings will be posted at least one week prior to the meeting date and approved minutes will be available via the Creswell School District Website.

Purpose and Authority:

The purpose and authority of the BOC is to convene at least quarterly and monthly as needed to review progress of the Creswell School District Bond Measure 20-342. Committee members will review program progress, spending and schedules. A written report describing this progress shall follow each Committee meeting, be provided to the Board of Directors, and posted on the District website. The Committee will have no independent authority to obligate district funds. The Committee’s recommendations will be used to inform program decisions made by the Superintendent and/or Board.

Estimated time to carry out oversight:

The BOC will have its initial meeting no later than August 31, 2023 and will be dissolved on January 1, 2027, or upon issuance of a final report by the BOC after all projects authorized by the Creswell School District Bond Measure 20-342 have been completed, whichever is earlier.


The BOC is deemed an Administrative Committee, reporting to the Superintendent and his officials; with periodic updates to the community and Board of Directors. Committee Members must be a resident of the district, be registered to vote (not required for students), may not be an employee of the school district, and may not represent any vendor who may be a contractor or sub-contractor on Bond Projects, or be a consultant of the school district.

The BOC shall be comprised of no more than 9 at-large community members and two Creswell High School students as follows:

  • One member who is active in a business organization representing the business community; located within the school district (e.g. member of the Chamber of Commerce, Creswell Kiwanis Club);
  • Two School Board Members (appointed by the Board).
  • One member who owns, operates, or represents a local business;
  • One member who works in the financial field or who maintains financial expertise or experience;
  • One member with construction, architect, engineering, or associated expertise;
  • At least two Creswell High School students.
  • A parent or guardian of a child enrolled in each school in the district (CES, CMS and CHS) for a total of three members.

Chair and Vice-Chair: The BOC will designate one member to serve as Chair and one member to serve as Vice-Chair of the Oversight Committee. The Chair of the BOC shall preside over committee meetings and act as spokesperson for the committee.

Committee Appointments:

In order to ensure continuity for this multiyear assignment, and also to respect the Committee’s volunteer members, terms ranging from one to two years will be designated for the original Committee members. However, members may choose to maintain membership through the completion of the bond program if their schedule permits. Appointments to the BOC will be made through the standard application process used by the district and approved by the Superintendent.