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Talented and Gifted Program (TAG)

Creswell School District aims to provide an education for each student that maximizes their development, For identified, high-achieving students that meet the Oregon Department of Education’s definition of Talented and Gifted, this includes partnering with teachers and parents to provide intellectual challenges, increase student achievement and provide opportunities for accelerated rates of learning, based upon the needs of the individual student.


Talented and Gifted (TAG) programs serve students who, when compared with others of their age/grade level, require learning experiences beyond the standard curriculum. TAG programs seek to provide an educational experience at the student’s rate and level of learning.

TAG Identification Steps

1. Referral

Students may be referred for TAG identification and testing by a parent, teacher or be self-referred. Some may be flagged for evaluation through standard state assessment scores. Once a referral has been initiated, the TAG coordinator will gather information and data that will be used during the evaluation process. These may include:

  • Results from nationally recognized standardized, norm-referenced tests
  • Information provided by parents and/or teachers
  • Current work samples in areas of academic strength

2. Evaluation

After all evidence has been collected, an academic team will evaluate the data. The information used by the team and the team’s decision will become part of the student’s educational record.

3. Identification

Oregon students may qualify for TAG when they perform at or above the 97th percentile on a nationally-normed test of aptitude or achievement and there is additional evidence suggesting high ability.

Identification as Academically Talented in Mathematics and/or Reading or as Intellectually Gifted will be based on the data collected during the evaluation process as well as results from standardized assessments. Following the team’s decision, families will be notified of the final determination and of programs and services available.


Once a student has been identified as either Intellectually Gifted or Academically Talented in Reading and/or Mathematics, a plan of services based on the student’s level and rate of learning – also referred to as the student’s TAG plan – is developed.

Families are invited to provide input into the plan and discuss with the district the services to be received by their child. Parents/guardians may, at any time, request the withdrawal of their child from programs and services provided under OAR 581-2330 and have the right to file a complaint under OAR 581-002-0001 to OAR 581-002-0023.

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