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Board Policies

Creswell School District maintains an Online Policy Manual.

Copies of School Board policies and the District’s Administrative Rules can also be reviewed at each school and in the District Office at 998 West A Street.


Board Policies

The School Board will review any proposed revisions to current policies or new policies during a regular meeting before the policy is posted for public review and comment. After the public review and comment period, the policy revisions or new policy will return to the School Board for additional review and final approval.

Board Policies listed below are currently open for public review and comment: 

Discrimination Complaint Procedure AC-R-D1.pdf

Local Wellness EFA-G1.pdf

Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Menacing/Bullying/CyberbullyingTeen Dating Violence Reporting Procedures – Student JFCF-R-D1.pdf

Expulsion JGE-G1.pdf

Public Charter Schools LBE-D1.pdf

Resident Student Denial for Virtual Public Charter School Attendance LBEA-G1.pdf

Public comments may be reported to Creswell School District at 541-895-6000.

Online Policy Manual