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Creswell Bond CHS Projects

CHS Students Invest in Safety & Security Measures Around CHS Playfield

Over the past several weeks, the perimeter fencing posts and foundation have been added around the CHS Playfield. In the coming weeks, the remaining portions of that fencing will be added and installed. This is just a portion of the added safety and security measures happening around campus. As an extension of that security, our CHS Welding and Construction students have participated in adding a CHS branded gate to the rear driveway between the CHS grandstands and the south side of the building. We greatly value the investment of our CHS students into the safety of the campus, and to utilize the skills they have been amassing over the past year to bring this project to completion. 

West Side Fence at Scoreboard

Concrete work around the shotput area

Southwest Corner of Track/Fencing

CHS Student working on Gate Installation

Demo Day for CHS Baseball Field!

The first cut was made on the CHS Baseball field today, May 30, 2024, as Marple Excavation began the process to prepare and transform the field for the new turf installation later this summer.

As previously reported, the baseball field will be shifting approximately 10 feet to create more distance between the field and nearby neighbors, so that space is getting addressed initially to account for the migration of the field in addition to preparing the grounds for turf installation.

Excitement is building as the next evolution begins for Creswell High School’s state-of-the-art sports complex!

Exciting Updates on Our New CTE Building from Soderstrom Architects!

This past week, our CTE students at CHS had an inspiring visit from Soderstrom Architects! The architects shared insights about the initial design steps and the data evaluation process, which included surveys completed by students, staff, families, and community members. Our students actively participated in an interactive activity, providing their feedback and insights on various design concepts and preferences. It was fantastic to hear their amazing questions and feedback!

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the business owners, community members, school board members, staff, and students who attended our evening Community Event. During the event, Soderstrom Architects presented the design process for our new CTE building. Similar to our CHS students’ session, the community event allowed for valuable feedback and questions about design elements. It was great to gather additional perspectives from the broader community.

Some images were shared of the potential designs and layouts, including both single-story and two-story options, as well as the proposed placement of the building on our campus. This community presentation and engagement event is just one of several opportunities for participation in the project.

We invite everyone to continue being part of this journey by attending future events, participating in surveys, and sharing your voice in this significant project. Your input is invaluable, and we look forward to your continued involvement! 

Evening Community Event

CHS Students Engagement Activity

Renderings of CTE Building Placement and Design Concepts

New Turf Fields for Baseball & Softball!

It is with great excitement that we are finally able to share the renderings of our new turf CHS Baseball and Softball fields!

Similarly to our turf playfield/football field, these new turf baseball and softball fields are in partnership with the CSD (Community Sports Development) Council. This national alliance has committed annual resources to support the development of premium synthetic sports fields, and we are grateful for this continued partnership to bring state-of-the art facilities to CHS.

It is worth noting that the baseball field will be shifting approximately 10 feet to create more distance between the field and nearby neighbors and netting will be added along the baseline to further prevent foul balls from entering neighbors yard. Additionally, the outfield fence will now be consistently aligned to the standards of high school fields.

Groundbreaking, from Marple Excavating, is slated to begin as soon as the baseball and softball season concludes. This project is sure to be a HOMERUN when it is completed!

Softball Field

Baseball Field

Shaping the Future: Community Engagement in the New CHS Career Technical Education Building Design

Exciting developments are underway in the Creswell School District as we pave the way for the new CHS Career Technical Education (CTE) building. This spring, we proudly announced our partnership with Soderstrom Architects as the design firm tasked with bringing our vision to life.

Listening to Our Community

Recognizing the importance of collective input, Creswell School District embarked on a mission to gather feedback from our diverse community. Through surveys targeting students, staff, families, and community members, we aimed to understand what our stakeholders value most in this new CTE facility.

The responses we received were invaluable. They shed light on the significance of the CTE building to our students and community, highlighted challenges our students face, and pinpointed key design elements and programs that should be prioritized. To give you a visual insight into our findings, check out the word clouds and bar graphs representing the collected data. Do note that the ranked course graph focuses solely on courses not currently available at CHS. For context, we’ve also provided an image listing our existing offerings.

Planning for the Future

But our engagement with the community doesn’t stop there. As we continue to refine our vision and strategic plan for CTE facilities and career pathways, we’re reaching out once again for your input. With seven established career pathways and an eighth one set to launch in the 2024-25 school year, the recent survey results have signaled the potential for several more. We’ve merged these suggestions into a consolidated list and invite you to prioritize them by participating in our CTE Pathways Survey.

Join the Conversation

We believe that ongoing dialogue is crucial for creating a facility that truly serves our community’s needs. Therefore, we’re thrilled to invite you to a public forum on Wednesday, May 22nd, at 6 pm in the CHS Commons. This event will be an excellent opportunity to:

  • Meet our design team from Soderstrom Architects
  • Discuss our survey findings and vision for the new CTE building
  • Share your thoughts and suggestions for the project

So, mark your calendars and make your voice heard!

A Community Effort

We’re deeply grateful for the support and active involvement of our community in this exciting journey. Your feedback is instrumental in shaping a CTE building that not only meets the educational needs of our students but also enriches our entire community.

Together, we’re building a brighter future for Creswell School District. Thank you for being an integral part of it!

Creswell Bond - 10 Month Status Update

In the past 10 months, since our Bond was passed, Creswell School District has made significant strides in the planning, initiation, and completion of several projects. In this video, we will recap the projects that have been completed since May 2023, highlight strategic partners, and show how the district is working towards getting the most value out of every Bond dollar.

Seismic Rehabilitation Grant & Project Status

Building A (Old Gym, locker rooms, weight room) and B (Commons) were previously evaluated in the fall and winter of 2022, and a Seismic Evaluation Report was created for these areas in February 2022. From that report, CSD applied for a competitive grant through the State of Oregon’s Seismic Rehabilitation Grant Program, and was awarded a $2,499,455 grant in June 2022.

With that grant funding the seismic rehabilitation work for buildings A and B began in June 2023. This work includes the architectural and engineering aspects as well as the selection of the CM/GC Contractor. The primary construction will begin in June of 2024.

Buildings E and F were seismically evaluated in the Summer of 2023, and an additional grant application was submitted in December 2023 for building F. Building E will have its application submitted in the fall/winter of 2024. Buildings D and C will be seismically evaluated at a later date and application to follow.

New Digital Cameras Add to Improved Safety & Security

As the district focuses on the safety and security of our students and staff, we recently began the updates and additions of new digital multi-lens cameras to all three campuses. Progress is still being made to add and update cameras on each campus, but so far, 15 new cameras have been added and 14 analog cameras have been converted to the new digital cameras. Additionally, the network infrastructure was updated, including improvements to the server that controls the security cameras. This work also included more digital storage.

CHS Playfield is COMPLETE!

With just a few remaining touch-ups over the past weekend, the CHS turf field and track facilities are now COMPLETE! Over the summer we showed the transformation from May until August. This video tells the rest of the story. We are THRILLED with the results!

CHS Playfield Ribbon Cutting - October 6th

After several months of hard work, we are within sight of the last few steps to complete the CHS Playfield. To celebrate the completition of this project, we are celebrating with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, October 6th at 6:30pm. Prior to the ribbon cutting, we are inviting Creswell families and community members to join in the celebration with a free community event from 5:30-6:30pm. We look forward to celebrating with our community, and anticipate additional celebrations to come as we continue to complete the bond projects.

CHS Turf Field Evolution - Preparing the Foundation

This summer local crews and contractors have been working diligently to excavate and prepare the ground at CHS for the installation of our new turf field and track surface. Watch this short video to see the evolution of this project from June until early August 2023.

Ready for the starter pistol!

Creswell School District has signed its contract with Beynon, the industry leader in track surfacing since 1974. You may already be familiar with their work. Their most notable project in our neck of the woods: Hayward Field! Host of the 2022 World Athletics Championships.

With this signed contract, we are excited to release the renderings of the new field and track that we will see come to life this Fall. You may notice that the track will now be red, instead of black, and the Creswell Bulldog logo will take center stage at mid-field. We can’t wait for our students to be able to access and use this state-of-the-art space at the CHS campus!

Below is the rendering of the turf field with CHS Bulldog logo:

You can learn more about Beynon here: Beynon Sports

Partnership with CSD Council for CHS Turf Field

Creswell School District has partnered with the Community Sports Development Council to help bring the highest quality turf field to Creswell. The CSD Council is a decades-old national alliance that has committed annual resources to support the development of premium synthetic sports fields. Creswell is one of many projects that the Council has partnered with. Other area partners include Cottage Grove and Pleasant Hill High Schools. However, the Council has hundreds of projects that span the U.S. and international locations. You can learn more about the CSD Council here: https://csdcouncil.org/

With this partnership, Creswell School District is able to stretch bond finances to cover more projects. This summer, Creswell business, Marple Excavating, will prep the field, and the Council will develop the turf and complete the installation. Following the turf installation, the track will be resurfaced and a D Zone installed. We think the end result will be a TOUCHDOWN!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Summer 2023 Projects

After overwhelming support from the Creswell community in May 2023 with the passing of our bond, we have taken steps to start making headway on projects that will improve facilities to be felt as early as the Fall of 2023 for our students. Over the next several months we will be appointing an oversight committee and providing continuous updates to the many projects in the works on our three campuses.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Summer/Fall 2023
Summer/Fall 2023

CHS Bond Projects


  • Football/Soccer Play field – Turf
  • Stadium Lighting
  • Scoreboard relocation
  • Flagpole relocation with new base
  • New Goal Posts & Soccer Goals
  • Track resurfacing and repairs
  • Field Entrance/Walkway ADA Improvements
Fall/Winter 2023
Fall/Winter 2023


Facilities Upgrades

  • Building #1, RFP for Seismic Improvements GC
  • Building #1, RFP for architecture & engineering for Commons area and other Building upgrades/repairs
  • RFP for architect & engineering for CTE building
  • Application for seismic improvements for buildings #2, #3, and #4
Spring/Summer 2024
Spring/Summer 2024

PE/Athletic Facilities Upgrades

  • Field Security Fencing
  • Revamp Baseball and Softball Playfields
Summer 2024
Summer 2024

Building #1 (Gym/Commons)

  • Seismic Improvements
  • Paint Exterior Walls
  • Repair Exterior Walls
  • Replace Roof Section
  • Modify Interior Spaces

PE/Athletic Facilities Upgrades

  • Grandstand Repair & Cover
  • Announcer Booth Repair

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