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The Board of Directors of Creswell School District 40 is accepting applications from district patrons for appointment to a vacant Creswell School Board of Directors position. The term for this appointment will expire June 30, 2023. To be eligible for appointment, an applicant must have resided in the district for one year immediately preceding the appointment, be qualified to vote in the district and not be an officer or employee of the district. Qualified candidates are asked to submit the Creswell School District Board of Directors application form outlining their qualifications and interest in serving on the Board. The application may be mailed to the Creswell School District Board of Directors, Attn: Marilyn Cruzan at 998 A Street, Creswell, OR 97426 or submitted via email to the Board secretary, Marilyn Cruzan, mcruzan@creswell.k12.or.us/creswellmaindev. Applications must be received by 3:00 PM on Thursday, June 2, 2022. If you have any questions, please contact Marilyn Cruzan at (541) 895-6000.