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Our facilities and maintenance staff work to provide a safe, well-maintained educational environment.  By diligently maintaining district buildings and school grounds, managing community use requests, and helping create plans for facilities upgrades and improvements, our team serves students, staff members, visitors, and the community of Creswell.

COVID-19 Statement of Assurance & Waiver of Liability

In accordance with OAR 333-0190-1030, teachers, school staff, volunteers and school-based program staff and volunteers must provide the school or school-based program with either:

● Proof of vaccination showing they are fully vaccinated; or
● Documentation of an approved medical or religious exception.

This rule extends to contractors and vendors who provides services at or for schools or school-based programs. To provide confirmation of adherence, please complete the Statement of Assurance and Liability form and return it to the school district.


(541) 895-6010

Joel Higdon

Director of Technology Services, Transportation & Facilities
District Safety Officer

Davy Strother

Maintenance Technician

Mario Perez

Maintenance Technician / Landscaping

Maintenance & Custodial Work Request