Bulldog Market

Creswell High School Courtyard          May 11, 2024         9am-2pm


The Bulldog Market is a community based event that represents the creativity, skills, and entrepreneurial spririt through products created by CTE (Career and Technical Education) students which grants them the opportunity to gain valuable career field experience.

Available Products

This part of the event showcases the innovative and skilled work of students studying various technical disciplines such as woodworking, ceramics, graphic design, metal works, and massage through sports medicine. These students have spent considerable time honing their crafts and developing unique products. The Bulldog Market provides them with an opportunity to showcase and sell their creations to the public.

Woods Class Products

Bird House


Buy one, get one 50% off

Charcuterie Board




Set of 4

Cutting Board


Welding Class Products

Personalized Sign

Price varies on size and design of the sign

Image not yet available


$25 Single

$50 Double

Resin Coasters


Set of 4

Rocket Stove


Cooking Stove

Water Feature


Price varies on size and design of water feature

Bulldog Cutout

$13 Small

$20 Medium

$30 Large

Ceramics Class Products

Ceramic Coasters


Set of 4

Ceramic Trivet


Ceramic Plant Stake


Individual Coloring Sheets


In person sale only

Coloring Book


Available through Amazon link on Bulldog Enterprises Instagram

Spring Plant Sale

Spring is the perfect time for gardening enthusiasts to spruce up their outdoor spaces with new plants and flowers. The plant sale aspect of The Bulldog Market offers a variety of plants, flowers, and gardening supplies for sale. These may include seasonal flowers, vegetable seedlings, herbs, and succulents. Hanging baskets will also be available just in time for Mother’s Day. Items that are in the Spring Plant Sale are availible for purchase during the in person sale on May 11, 2024.

Hanging Flower Basket


Product Description to Come

Vegetable Starts

Prices not yet available

Product Description to Come



What is the spring sale?

Our students have the amazing opportunity to take career related electives such as welding or woods where they are able to create products as a way to fundraise for these classes.

What classes are involved in the sale? Classes that are making products for the spring sale are welding, woods, ceramics, and agriculture.