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Dear Parents, Staff and District Administrators of Creswell High School;

In an effort to work toward providing a safe and secure environment for students and staff at Creswell High School, we are partnering with the Lane County Sheriff’s Office to conduct a safety and security assessment of our school. This program is offered to us free of charge and will provide a detailed report listing our safety and security strengths, along with suggestions for improvement within the school.

The assessment utilizes specially trained Deputies from our local Sheriff’s Office following a model from National School Shield. It includes a comprehensive evaluation of our facility itself from the exterior perimeter of the property, to everything inside. It also evaluates our emergency operations, drills we conduct, access to the building, security systems, along with staff, student, parent, and administrator’s knowledge of these practices.

This evaluation will include a final report that the School and District will be able to utilize in future strategic planning, grant application, and development of new policies and procedures. For information on the assessment itself, you can check out the affiliated website at www.nationalschoolshield.org.

What to expect during the assessment:

The assessment will take place on October 22-24, 2018. There will be a few Sheriff’s Deputies on campus most of the day on the 22nd and 23rd. They will mostly be walking around, viewing activities and taking photographs before, during and after school. They will be talking with staff, administrators, students, bus drivers, and parents about their experiences at Creswell High School. We encourage all staff, students, and parents to speak openly and candidly with the Deputies if approached, but do not feel obligated to speak with them if you are uneasy or not interested. Just kindly turn them down. This will help them make an informed and true assessment of the school’s strengths and needs.

The assessment team goal is to observe the school in its normal daily routine, so please do not change normal practices, behaviors, or procedures while Deputies are on site. School Administration and the District Office is very interested in receiving an honest assessment of how we are doing, including things we need to improve on and each of you are a key component of that.

Thank you all for your cooperation,

Adam Watkins

Principal – CHS