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Greetings parents and families

As you may know, our afternoon pick-up time has developed in to an unsafe and inconvenient traffic situation. When parents are picking students up, and waiting in their vehicles along the sidewalk, other vehicles cannot enter the parking lot, causing traffic to back up out onto Nieblock Lane.

What Can You do to Help?

Use alternative modes of transportation

Carpooling, walking, riding the bus or biking to school can not only cut down on the traffic congestion, it can also conserve resources, save money, reduce pollution and improve physical fitness for students.

Pick your student up on the EAST end of the parking lot

Please refer to the map on the opposite side of this page for alternative places to wait for your student(s). There are usually many vacant parking spaces available in the east end of the lot as well.

Keep Moving

Other than in the designated pick-up areas (see map), do not park or stop in the stream of traffic, or in an area that causes others to line up behind you, especially in the driveway and entrance of the parking lot. Please advance all the way in to the lot to either a designated parking space or pick up area. Please do not stop in the corners of the parking lot so that buses may exit safely when they depart.

Drive Safely!

Please remember to watch for pedestrians and drive slowly.

We really appreciation your patience and cooperation with this situation. We will continue to monitor our plan, how it affects our traffic flow, and make adjustments if needed. We ask that you please continue to follow the same pattern, even when there are no longer cones or people monitoring the parking lot traffic.

Please call us if you have any questions, concerns or feedback.