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FBLA Regional Results are in and we have some students to celebrate. Please congratulate the following students for making Creswell Proud! They all placed in the top 10 in their event and now qualify to attend state competition in April in Portland.

Accounting 1- Makaela Seiber 4th

Advertising- Mckenzie Traetow 4th

Agribusiness- Hallie Drago 2nd
– Freya Demasters 4th

Business Calculations- Tyler Olson 3rd
– Tara Keepers 6th
– Taylor Forsman 7th

Business Law- Kelsey Kunhausen 4th
– Jade Ledgerwood 8th

Cyber Security- Carley Wilkerson 7th
– Maisy Allen 8th

Economics- Aden Parsons 1st

Health Care Administration- Tara Keepers 1st
– Hannah Edwards 2nd
– Jada Gallegos 3rd
– Jessica Ellison 6th
– Carley Wilkerson 8th

Insurance and Risk Management- Tyler Olson 3rd
– Makaela Seiber 5th
– Nick Bronson 6th

Introduction to Business Communications- Abby Mercer 1st
– Amanda O’Reilly 2nd

Introduction to Business Procedures- Brielle Brick 3rd
– Amanda O’Reilly 4th

Introduction to Financial Math- Raina Davis 1st
– Julianne Kersgaard 3rd
– Carter Cunningham 10th

Networking Concepts- Kylee Couch 2nd

Organizational Leadership- Allison Smathers 5th
– Joanna Pantoja 6th
– Colton Symmes 8th

Personal Finance- Mckenzie Traetow 1st
– Morgan Janshen 4th

Securities and Investments- Hannah Edwards 2nd
– Hallie Drago 3rd
– Jaxson Wilkerson 6th

Help Desk- Brooklyn Grubbs- 2nd

Entrepreneurship Team of Javier Fregoso, Skye Leach and Colton Symmes- 1st

Entrepreneurship Team of Kylee Couch and Jessica Ellison- 2nd

Entrepreneurship Team of Joanna Pantoja and Allison Smathers- 5th

Hospitality Management Team of Brielle Brick, Raina Davis and Julianne Kersgaard- 1st

Hospitality Management Team of Nick Bronson, Cameron Dufault, and Jaxson Wilkerson- 2nd

Sports and Entertainment Management Team of Carter Cunningham, Dallton Dewey, and Taylor Forsman- 2nd

Great job!! Go Bulldogs!!