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Dear Parents & Guardians of the Class of 2020-

This week has been College Application Week throughout the state of
Oregon and Creswell High School staff has been working directly with
seniors on the activities listed below. We strongly encourage you to
discuss these items with your senior and confirm they’ve completed these
important steps for their life after graduation. Please encourage your
student to use their time off during Thanksgiving to keep moving forward
with their post-high school planning.

1. Completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Some
students were just beginning this process and set up their account and
parents/guardians also need an FSAid (Federal Student Aid id) to submit
their information. There is no obligation by completing the FAFSA and
all students are encouraged to do so as soon as possible since aid is
available on a first come, first served basis. Completion of the FAFSA
is required for students who plan to attend an Oregon community college
and hope to earn the Oregon Promise Grant which requires a 2.50
cumulative GPA by graduation. The FAFSA is available at

2. Set up an OSAC account and apply for the Oregon Promise Grant. The
Oregon Student Access & Completion (OSAC) office is Oregon’s financial
aid processor. OSAC administers the Oregon Promise Grant, the Oregon
Opportunity Grant, and a scholarship foundation with over 500
scholarships available through one application. Again, submitting the
FAFSA is required to be considered for the Oregon Promise Grant and the
Oregon Opportunity Grant. Students are also encouraged to start the OSAC
scholarship application process. More information for all of these
programs is available at https://oregonstudentaid.gov/

3. Complete the financial aid/scholarship sort activity through Oregon
Career Information System (CIS). Each student has their own CIS account
and access to this amazing database. Once students complete this
activity, they’ll have a list of scholarships they can research further.
Once you’re on the CIS homepage, look under the explore resources tab for this
activity. https://oregoncis.uoregon.edu/default.aspx

4. Apply to college. Again, some students have already completed this
process. We encourage all students to apply to LCC since applying is
free and it’s best to have pieces in place if plans change. Students
were reminded that applying is just the first step in the process and
they need to be sure to complete the next steps so they can register for
fall classes later this school year. Students were also encouraged to utilize LCC’s
test prep resources prior to taking placement tests.

All of this information is also available through the CHS College &
Career Center homepage. We strongly encourage you to bookmark this page
and review additional scholarship information through this site.

If you or your student have questions or need assistance throughout this
process, please contact Mona Stiffler, Angela Dennis, or Lori Naugle at

We hope you all have a restful Thanksgiving holiday!