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Attached is the schedule for the High School distance learning which starts April 13th – June 15th.

  • Distance Learning for All (see below for school-based guidance):
    • Video/Packet instruction: Instruction which provides the student opportunities to receive content standards on their own while under the guidance of a teacher. (pre-recorded instructional videos, Distance Learning Packets) Posted to Google Classroom (Seesaw for Kindergarten).
    • Virtual Classroom (OPTIONAL for Students): Online opportunities in which the students interact at the same time and in the same space with their teachers to facilitate social interactions with their peers (often using a video conference or e-chat).
    • Office Hours: Opportunity for students to check-in with their teacher, ask questions, gain clarity on assignments (email, video conference, e-chat, and phone). See below for office hours; times will vary by school.
    • Supplemental opportunities (Optional): self-directed activities or exercises recommended by the district.
· HS Office hours for Teachers are 9am-11am M-TH

· Lesson recordings will be posted to Google Classroom.

· Teachers will be available for 2 Virtual Classroom opportunities per week.

· Virtual Classroom schedule will be as follows:

o “A” Day Mondays/Wednesdays: (Periods 1-4)

o 1:00-1:25PM – 1st Period

o 1:30-1:55PM – 2nd Period

o 2:00-2:25PM – 3rd Period

o 2:30-2:55PM – 4th Period


o “B” Day Tuesdays/Thursdays: (Periods 5-7)

o 1:00-1:25PM – 5th Period

o 1:30-1:55PM – 6th Period

o 2:00-2:25PM – 7th Period

· Plan/Prep Fridays- (Teacher availability by appointment if necessary)

CHS Schedule – Distance Learning For All