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This past Saturday CHS took 26 students to Regional Competition in Roseburg for FBLA and 24 of the students placed in the top 10 in their event and qualify to compete at the State Competition in April in Portland. We are super proud of these students and how they represented CHS.

Accounting 1 – Javier Fregoso 5th
Advertising – Brandon Moehlmann 5th
Business Calculations – Cam Nguyen 8th
Business Communications – Tara Keepers 1st
Business Law – Karinna Leonard 1st
Client Service – Morgyn Forbes 5th
Economics – Makaela Seiber 10th, Grant Marshall 5th, Abby Hoggard 4th
Entrepreneurship – Brooklyn Grubbs, Skye Leach, and Colton Symmes 2nd
Health Care Administration –Tara Keepers 5th,Brielle Brick 4th,Julianne Kersgaard 3rd,Abby Hoggard 2nd,Makaela Seiber 1st
Hospitality Management – Abbe Grubbs, Karinna Leonard, and Carter Kruger 1st
Impromptu Speaking – Josiah Lee 7th
Introduction to Business – Caden Walker 6th, Bryndal Olson 5th, Harmony Goodman 1st
Introduction to Financial Math – Cayle Walker 8th, Caden Walker 6thEmma Kersgaard 3rd,Emme Whitson 2nd, Raina Davis1st
Job Interview – Carley Wilkerson 7th
Journalism – Jillian Greenfield 3rd
Management Decision Making – Harmony Goodman, Josiah Lee, and Brandon Moelmann 1st
Marketing – Morgyn Forbes & Jillian Greenfield 5th
Organizational Leadership – Colton Symmmes 5th
Personal Finance – Carter Cunningham 7th, Javier Fregoso 5th, Carley Wilkerson 4th
Political Science – Abbe Grubbs 6th, Brooklyn Grubbs 1st
Securities and Investments – Cayle Walker 5th, Cam Nguyen 2nd
Sports and Entertainment Management – Emme Whitson, Kendyl Whitson, and Kylee Whitson 4th
Carter Cunningham, Dallton Dewey, and Grant Marshall 2nd