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Creslane Parents and Guardians,

As promised I am providing you with a weekly update on our on-site learning here at Creslane. I am happy to share we are still in a position to move forward with our plan to bring students on-site.

What does that mean?
Next week, February 22nd-26th:
• Kindergarten will shift to a hybrid schedule. (4 days for 3 hours)
• First and second grades will continue with limited in-person learning (2 hours, 2 days)
• Third grade will start limited in-person learning on-site too!

Teachers have communicated schedules to families. If you are the parent of a K-3 student please direct questions about on-site learning to your teacher or call the office to speak with an administrator.

Arrival and Dismissal
With each week the parent pick-up line becomes a little but busier as we add more students. I am providing some information to help the process of arrival and dismissal go as smoothly as possibly for everyone.
• Every person on school property needs to be wearing a mask, unless you are in your own vehicle.
• Vehicles need to pull all the way forward before unloading or loading students in the parent pick-up/drop off lanes.
• Students may unload along the entire length of the parent pick-up line.
• Students need to enter the vehicle on the passenger’s side to stay safely distanced from moving vehicles passing on the left.
• If it is necessary to get out of the vehicle to assist your student with drop off or pick up please park in a parking space.
• Students should be ready in the car with their mask on for a quick exit so that the flow of traffic can continue.
• All students, staff, and visitors need to cross at crosswalks for everyone’s safety.
• Parents/guardians need to wait for their children in the parent waiting zone. You’ll notice dots on the pavement between the two crosswalks, near the benches, identifying that waiting space.

Doors open at 11:55 and students may begin lining up at their entrance at that time. If a student arrives late they will need to go to the front office to be checked in.

To comply with Covid-19 restrictions our busses can only transport students using 20 seats. We know with work schedules, and other responsibilities parents are juggling, the bus may be the only option to get your child to school. For those who have other options we ask that you please help us by only registering for bus transportation if that is your only option to get your child to school. This will allow us to continue bringing students to school at the highest capacity.

Thank you all and have a wonderful weekend,

Amy Halley