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Dear Creslane Elementary School Families,                                                                 January 29, 2021

We are happy to report that we have successfully begun limited in-person instruction (LIPI) at Creslane and are now ready to begin moving to the next phases of on-site learning with phase 2 and 3. Starting the week of February 8th we will be introducing more groups of students to campus in the afternoon following the comprehensive distance learning (CDL) schedule. We will be inviting afternoon groups back to campus based on our capacity (staffing, cohorting, space), which means there will be some grades/groups that will begin LIPI the following week.

In order for us to plan, we need parents/guardians to fill out the Creslane On-Site Learning Survey for each of their children in CDL and COA. As you read in Superintendent Johnson’s last letter, we are also planning for K-1 Hybrid to tentatively start February 22nd (kindergarten), and March 1st (first grade).

For clarifying purposes, the chart below details the differences between hybrid and LIPI. I’ve also included the group description for phase 2 and 3 for LIPI at Creslane. Starting next week teachers will be contacting families of students in these phases.

Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI)

Hybrid Instruction

  • Some students (developed in phases and cohorts)
  • All Students will have the option in cohorts
  • No more than 2 consecutive hours per day
  • No limits on daily school contact
  • Cohorts made up of no more than 20 students, maintaining social distancing and 35 square feet per person (must also wear mask).
  • Stable cohorts of no more than 100 people per week, maintaining social distancing and 35 square feet per person (must also wear mask).
  • No more than 2 cohorts per week
  • No more than 100 people per week
  • Staff can be in contact with no more than 3 cohorts per day, 5 per week
  • Effort made to limit the number of people in weekly contact.
  • Purpose: To provide extra supports in addition to CDL based on educational, relational, curricular, instruction, and assessment need. Based on capacity.
  • Purpose: Regular schedule of on-site teacher-directed learning universally designed for students by grade-level. Based on capacity.
It is expected that students/staff wear masks, maintain 6 feet for social distancing, wash and sanitize hands frequently, and do not attend school if experiencing Covid-19 related symptoms or have been exposed to confirmed cases of Covid-19.

LIPI phase 2: Targeted academic supports and social emotional supports. We will provide 1:1 and small group instruction between 12-2:00 M, Tu, Th, F. Schedule based on individual student need (2nd-5th grades).

LIPI phase 3: Kindergarten and 1st Grade School Readiness. Provide in-person social emotional learning and transition to in-person learning experiences to our youngest students. Scheduled between 12-2:00 M, Tu, Th, F. Schedule based on our capacity (Staffing, cohorting, space).

As explained in the chart above, regardless of the type of in-person instruction, we must adhere to the social distancing guidelines. The biggest obstacle in planning for LIPI and hybrid at the Elementary is knowing the number of students we should expect to return for in-person learning. Once we have that information we will be able to identify the model that best fits within our capacity. We thank you ahead of time for providing information in the Creslane On-Site Learning Survey by February 3rd.

For families of K-1 COA students, who are interested in hybrid on-site learning, you will need to make an appointment to speak with Mrs. Halley by February 16th

To help families in their decision to send students, we have included safety practices set by the Ready Schools Safe Learners (RSSL) guidelines through Oregon Department of Education.

Local decision makers should consider two important factors in determining when to return to in person instruction:

  1. It remains critical that the community case counts (or case rates) are low enough that the community is not regularly introducing new COVID-19 cases into the school – which destabilizes the learning environment as contact tracing leads to quarantining. The county metrics remain and the included chart remains the best tool for determining when cases are down enough to return to in-person instruction.
  2. The ability to implement public health and safety protocols/requirements in the school with fidelity. This includes diligent entry screening, universal use of face coverings, physical distancing, cohorting, frequent hand washing, and all of RSSL sections 1-3.

Whenever individuals come together, there is additional risk of spreading COVID-19. Oregon’s Ready Schools, Safe Learners guidance can help reduce, but not eliminate this risk. It is critical that we all adhere to the key practices for reducing the spread of COVID-19 in schools, to ensure that our schools can open with safe protocols and stability:

  • Maintain physical distancing
  • Use face coverings
  • Use personal protective equipment when indicated
  • Increase hand hygiene
  • Serve students and staff in as small and as stable cohorts as possible
  • Be prepared to isolate and quarantine at the first sign of illness or exposure
  • Regularly clean and disinfect facilities in the environment
  • Maximize airflow and ventilation

At CES, as students are transported to school and enter the building, we will work diligently to keep people safe by:

  • Requiring that masks be worn. (RSSL page 29)
  • Performing visual screenings for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Taking the temperature of anyone (staff, student, parent, etc.) who comes into the building.
  • Requiring anyone who enters the building to sign in on a Contact Tracing Sheet. Cohort tracking sheets will be kept for students.
  • Requiring students and staff to follow social distancing protocols.
  • Following all necessary cleaning and sanitization protocols.
  • Asking that any student, parent or staff member who is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms stay home and follow the guidelines for safely returning to in person instruction (RSSL Page 15- COVID-19 Exclusion Summary Guidance link). Those symptoms include, but are not limited to:
    • Primary symptoms of concern: cough, fever (temperature of 100.4°F or higher) or chills, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, or new loss of taste or smell.
    • Note that muscle pain, headache, sore throat, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, new nasal congestion, and runny nose are also symptoms often associated with COVID-19. More information about COVID-19 symptoms is available from CDC.
    • In addition to COVID-19 symptoms, students must be excluded from school for signs of other infectious diseases, per existing school policy and protocols.
    • Emergency signs that require immediate medical attention:
      • Trouble breathing
      • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
      • New confusion or inability to awaken
      • Bluish lips or face (lighter skin)
  • Sending home any staff or students who exhibit any symptoms of or related to COVID-19.  Students will be placed in an isolation room until a parent is able to come and get them.

Next steps:

  • Families complete the survey by clicking the link or visiting our school’s website.
  • Register for transportation if you are unable to transport your child to school. Link to register will be posted to the district website.
  • Watch for further communication on LIPI student cohorts from Creslane staff. We are excited to get you on campus!

Please click on this link to view the January Monthly Mustang: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-U5ii_cwEDpX3D2gobhszHgXJcDsYAxP/view?usp=sharing

If your student is not eligible for our next phases of LIPI, please be patient and encourage your student to do his/her best in comprehensive distance learning. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office at 541-895-6140 or contact either principal if you have questions.



Amy Halley                                                                 Christi Nicholson

CES Principal                                                             CES Assistant Principal

ahalley@creswell.k12.or.us                                    cnicholson@creswell.k12.or.us