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First Day, Hooray!

Today was a GREAT day to be a Mustang! Did we face some obstacles? Sure. Did our students, staff, and families show perseverance in spite of those obstacles? Yes! Thank you, families, for your support and teamwork. The term “it takes a village” has taken on a whole new meaning over the last six months and we here at Creslane are thankful we get to be a member of your village.

Comprehensive Distance Learning is exciting and energizing. Our staff felt it and students did too. The first few weeks we will continue to iron out the kinks and our teachers encourage communication so that we can help make this as positive of an experience as we can.

We have many other staff members available to support your needs should they arise. You are welcome to contact our school office where you’ll be connected with the appropriate person who can assist you.

We know there are many new things to learn about CDL and COA. Here is a link to the Creslane Orientation. https://vimeo.com/458357592 Teachers will be providing more detailed information in their Seesaw accounts and can be available to help answer your questions.

Tell your children how proud we are of them!

Principals, Mrs. Halley & Mrs. Nicholson