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Happy Friday Mustang Families,

The last two weeks have been full of learning about our students, reviewing rules, participating in fall benchmark assessments, and getting settled in what we hope is a fantastic year at Creslane Elementary School. Things are falling into place and instruction is up and running!

I have had the privilege of being a guest reader in all of the classrooms. During my visits I had the opportunity to read them a book called, “All Are Welcome” and shared with them my new favorite quote.

Some kids are SMARTER than you,

Some kids have COOLER CLOTHES than you,

Some kids are BETTER AT SPORTS than you,


You have your thing too.

Be the kid who can GET ALONG

Be the kid who is GENEROUS

Be the kid who is HAPPY FOR OTHER PEOPLE.

Be the kid who DOES THE RIGHT THING.

Be The Nice Kid

~Bryan Skavanak


I’ve challenged our students to #BeTheNiceKid even when someone is making it hard to like them. I’ve already heard teachers use the term #BeTheNiceKid when problem solving social situations. I hung this quote in my office and even in my kitchen as a reminder to my own kids. You just can’t argue with kindness!

4 in 1 safety drills:

Friday we will be practicing our first monthly safety drill series. This year Superintendent Johnson has asked that we implement a system to practice safety drills called “4 in 1” each month at all three buildings. The sequence of drills is intended to prepare students and staff for any emergency situation we could be presented with. Although, we hope we never have to use any of these safety procedures it is our goal to be as prepared as we can. Safety is our first priority for students and adults in any Creswell School District facility.

Each months safety drill series will include lockdowns, earthquake and evacuation/fire drills. Each teacher has been supplied with resources so they can teach their students about safety in an age appropriate manner. Should your child come home with questions or concerns about being safe please reach out to your child’s teacher. We want to partner with families to ensure students are prepared to help themselves stay safe in any environment while also being sensitive to emotions this could bring.

During the safety drill series we will not allow anyone to enter or exit the building. We anticipate the first few drills of the year to take around 15 minutes. Visitors will be asked to participate in the drills along with the students and teachers. Thank you for your cooperation.


All visitors must check into the main office. Parents are welcome to visit classes, with prior administration and/or teacher approval. We ask you to make arrangements with teachers at least 24 hours in advance. Parents who observe classrooms should not interfere with instruction in any way. Volunteers must fill out a background check in the front office prior to volunteering and spending time in classrooms at Creslane. Thank you for your cooperation and attention to this safety measure.

 Toys at school:

There has been an increasing amount of toys coming to school with students. As you will see in the student handbook toys are not permitted at school unless for incentives or teacher awarded activities. These are rare and usually earned privileges classes’ work for.

Please keep all toys and unnecessary electronics at home. Not only is it a distraction but also items can become lost and unfortunately stolen. Creslane Elementary cannot be responsible for any personal belongings that students bring to school, which is why it is best to leave those at home.

Parking Lot:

Parents, we work hard to teach your child admirable traits like kindness and patience. We are trusting that you want those traits modeled for your kiddos as well.

In that spirit, please remember that we are all navigating the Parent Drop-off & Pick-Up at the same time, all with various appointments to make, dinners to cook, etc., etc. Everyone who enters our parking lot is a valuable member of our community, deserving of respect and safety.

Please slow down and be patient with others in the parking lot….. We’re all doing the best we can to clear the area safely! We know that changes need to happen and those conversations are already happening.

One way we can all help to make the parking lot less stressful is by following some parking lot etiquette.

  • Drive slowly and watch out for pedestrians. Pedestrians are asked to use the marked crosswalks or sidewalks. Bolting into traffic sets an unsafe example for children and poses a risk to their, and your, safety.
  • Stay in your car while in the parent pick up line. Leaving your car keeps others from quickly pulling through to get their children. If your kiddo is not getting to you soon enough make sure they know where to meet you each day.
  • Cars are not to be parked up on the grass or in any unmarked space. Double parking is a safety risk and creates barriers for people who need to leave.
  • If you want to walk your child inside you need to park in a designated parking space or on the street. The curb is intended for parent pick up and drop off at the curb only.

Help clear road congestion and take advantage of school busses or consider car-pooling with other parents. Allowing children to walk or ride bikes home can help you avoid the stress of the traffic altogether.


Have a good weekend!

Amy Halley,